Step 1: Order

Check out all 12 of our amazing collections. We are sure there is something that you will love.

You pay 50% as a deposit, the other 50% will be invoiced to you 30 days before the wedding

Step 2: Ship

We expertly pack up the flowers and ship them right to your doorstep OR if you are local to the Boise area you pick up from our location. Each product is hand inspected to make sure it is absolutely perfect when you receive it!

Step 3: Marry

This part is easy! Enjoy your big day, soak it all in and have the time of your life! Our flowers are tough, and can hold up to heat or cold!

Step 4:Return

Pack the flowers back up into the box they came in, and ship them back or drop them off to us. We provide a pre printed label for shipping, its easy! 

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